I offer weekly, bi-weekly, or just one time services. I do recommend weekly service during the growing seasons. Growing seasons are spring and fall. Frequent mowing only removing 1/3 of the grass blade at a time reduces stress to the plant. Removing too much of the grass blade at one time leads to yellowing, and excess material left on the yard. Mowing height is also important. The recommended height is 3 to 4 inches. Lower more frequent during the growing seasons (weekly) and higher less frequent (bi-weekly) in stress periods in the heat of summer.  Whatever your needs may be I am here to help. Free estimates, prices are based on square footage. Prices may vary due to what equipment is used, terrain, and any obstacles. Overgrown (6 or more inches) may result in extra charges. Also any excessive clean up (pet waste, toys, etc.). Mulching and or side discharge is the most efficient and beneficial to your lawn. These methods add organic materials back to the soil. Bagging clippings adds extra disposal costs and takes away from nutrient benefits. However in some cases like a disease outbreak for example bagging and removing as much of the problem as possible helps in curing the issue. When you choose Yard Dogs we will discus and customize the most efficient plan for your lawn.