Professional Approach

First and most important is to maintain a full, dense, healthy lawn. Keeping the lawn thick, properly watered and also regular fertilizations are the most effective method of weed prevention and control. Secondary methods of control will be the use of herbicides. Pre-emergent and post emergent are great tools to implement into your lawn care program.  

Proper identification of the weed or pest is critical. Timing and selection of any products used will depend on the target pest or weeds identification. Most weeds and pest are best controlled pre germination and very shortly after germination. Pests will also follow the same rule of thumb.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Only quality premium products will be used. All equipment will be properly calibrated and in working order. Application of the products will be precise as to prevent over and or under application.

Removing Weeds

Pre Emergent

Get it down early

Weed control is just one part of a successful lawn program. Pre emergent applied early in the growing season is a great start. Identifying existing or problem weeds in the past will help with deciding which product to use and when to put the product down. Pre emergent on average gives 3 up to 9 months of prevention if applied correctly. Early spring and early fall are the most common and efficient times for application.

Post Emergent

Post emergent is applied to weeds that have all ready germinated and are visible. Its most effective on young actively growing plants. Identification of plant species being targeted is important.